Front desk hardware requirements for Rock Gym Pro

The following is a list of hardware requirements for running Rock Gym Pro at the front desk. In addition, there are back office requirements for getting the most out of the software. Note that we have provided links to the specific hardware that Rock Gym Pro has been tested on; we can only guarantee support on this hardware. If you use something different we may not be able to troubleshoot hardware issues.

  • Retail front desk PC ($500): You will need at least one, though you can have as many as you like. Any reasonably modern and cheap desktop computer running Windows (Windows 8 and Windows 10) will work. At a minimum, a 1280x800 screen resolution is recommended but 1920 by 1080 (1080p) is best. You can use touchscreen monitors, though expect to still need a keyboard to enter and find customers’ names quickly.

  • Check-in front desk PC ($500): Optional. This computer has the same specifications as retail front desk computers and is only required if you want members to be able to walk in and scan cards without staff intervention. If you are planning on checking in members by the last name, then a single front desk computer will be sufficient. If you do intend to use a check-in computer, this should be dedicated exclusively to check-in; don’t plan to process retail transactions or membership functions on this computer.

  • Computer speakers ($20): Optional. If you have a dedicated check-in computer, Rock Gym Pro will make appropriate “alert” sounds depending upon a member’s status.

  • Receipt printer ($350): The Epson TM/T88V is recommended. This should be attached to your retail computer. One cash drawer and receipt printer is typically fine for most gyms, even a very busy facility. However, you can run multiple POS workstations all sharing the single cash drawer and receipt printer. To do so just share your receipt printer like any Windows network printer across your LAN and connect to it from your other Rock Gym Pro workstations. Here are some installation tips for installing the printer.

  • Webcam for member photos ($50): This should be attached to your retail computer. The Logitech Quickcam is recommended. The C310 Logitech also works, but note that the C910 did not work at time of testing with Rock Gym Pro due to its high resolution.

  • Cash drawer with matching receipt printer cable ($215): The APG Series 4000 is recommended. You must get the “Printer Interface”, not the serial or USB interface, and a cable matching the brand of your receipt printer. Use interface cable part number CD-101A to connect the Cash Drawer to your TM-T88V receipt printer. 

  • Keyboard-emulating USB barcode reader ($150 - $250): Optional. The Honeywell Voyager (for physical barcodes) or Honeywell Fusion Omni-Directional (for physical or electronic barcodes, like from the RGPro Connect Mobile App) is recommended; the Honeywell Genesis is on the higher end but great for busy front desks. This is only required if you are planning on using membership cards to check in your customers. This should be attached to your check-in computer using a USB connection. For high volume front desks (more than 100 check-ins per day) an omnidirectional barcode scanner with the ability to read phone screens (if you use the RGPro Connect App) is recommended as your customers will not need to orient their card.

  • USB keyboard-emulating credit card reader ($80) OPENEDGE CUSTOMERS ONLY: The POSX Magnetic Reader is recommended. You will need this to swipe credit cards into Rock Gym Pro. If you intend to allow people to use driver’s licenses to check in and have a dedicated check-in computer you’ll need a second reader as well. If you're using this card reader for POS transactions, this is the device you can use if OpenEdge is your payment processor.  If you are using Stripe Custom, reach out to the RGP payments team for more details:

  • Membership key tags. Shop around for the best quotes. These are optional but convenient. We suggest getting these preprinted in bulk a few thousand at a time to save money, with the barcode (code 39) on one side and your logo on the other. Do NOT use Alpha leading numbers such as ABC1234 you can USE alpha at the end of the numbers: 1234ABC

  • Gift Cards: Optional. You can purchase gift cards from any card vendor, including the same one producing your membership key tags.

  • Document Scanner (Locally Hosted Version of RGP): If you intend to scan and digitally store your waivers and membership documents you’ll need a TWAIN compatible scanner. We recommend the Xerox DocuMate 152 and Fujitsu-6130 with their two-sided scanning, auto document feeding, and small footprint. If you select a different scanner, choose a dedicated auto document feeding scanner rather than an all-in-one device, as you’ll achieve faster scans, have a smaller footprint, and be able to more easily integrate it into your workflow.

  • Document Scanner (RGP Cloud): If you're using RGP Cloud, you need a scanner that can output bulk PDFs. We recommend the Fujitsu ScanSnap ix500.

  • Waiver Stations: If you intend to use the paperless waiver system please review the requirements for the digital waiver system. At this time we strongly recommend using iPads for your electronic waivers.


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