Installing a TM88V receipt printer and MMF cash drawer on Windows 10 or 8

The following are installation tips for installing the TM88V receipt printer and MMF cash drawer on Windows 8/10.

  • Install the Advanced Printer Driver v4.5. The v5 driver did not work with Windows 8, Windows 10, at time of testing. Here is the download for the Epson TM88V Driver V4.5 for Windows 10
  • During the driver install configure the driver to use a USB port.
  • Follow the steps below to make sure the USB port is activated on the printer.
  • Make sure you have the correct cable between the printer and cash drawer. It looks like a normal phone cable, but it’s not. The cable is specifically designed to connect Epson printers to MMF cash drawers and the right (labeled) end needs to be in the printer. The cable is part # 226-199EPST10-00 and can be purchased at this link Part number 226-199EPST10-00
  • Don’t put the cable into the Ethernet jack on the back of the printer. The cable fits there, but won’t work. The correct cash drawer jack can be found under the printer.


Activating the USB Port on the TM88V

First, the USB port is located under a plate on the back of your printer, to the right of the power connection, held on with a single screw. Remove the screw and plate to access the USB port.

Video: How to activate the USB port.

  1. Power off printer
  2. Power printer on while holding the feed button until the printer starts printing a self-test
  3. After the self-test prints, hold the feed button for a couple of seconds and a menu of options will print
  4. From this first menu, select option 3 by pressing the feed button 3 times, then holding it down for a couple of seconds
  5. From this next menu, press the feed button 10 times, then hold it for a couple of seconds
  6. On this last menu, select option 2 by pressing the feed button 2 times and then holding it
  7. Press the feed button (and hold briefly) to exit.

The USB port is now enabled. Turn the printer off & back on again to use.


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