Digital Waivers Overview

What is the Rock Gym Pro Digital Waiver solution?
This feature offers your customers the ability to complete a paperless, digital waiver either online or at your facility from a Waiver Kiosk Station.  When the digital waiver is completed, the participant information (name, address, etc.) is automatically available in Rock Gym Pro – saving your staff the trouble of transcribing the information.  Additionally, if an electronic document was produced it will be automatically assigned to the appropriate customer record in Rock Gym Pro.

Online and Kiosk Waivers
Each document and/or waiver in the RGP system has a unique URL that you can place on your website. You can also set up your waivers on an iPad or desktop at your facility.

Smartwaiver and Rock Gym Pro
As a Rock Gym Pro PLUS or PREMIUM user, you have the option to create a FREE Smartwaiver account which can seamlessly integrate signed, digital smart waivers with your RGP account. Smart waivers are fast, include multi-minor support and comes with a free, dedicated Kiosk app for both iOS and Android devices.

Learn more about the Smartwaiver + RGP integration




iPads for Waiver Station Kiosks
We recommend iPads for all digital waiver installations.  If you really want to use a PC, you can use the URL of the waiver in a browser.

Deployment Steps
  1. Sign up for a PLUS or PREMIUM paid plan
  2. Purchase your waiver station hardware (iPads recommended)
  3. Set up your waiver stations
  4. Create your form and waiver
  5. Train staff on your “Waiver Acceptance” process
  6. Go live!

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Are the forms customizable?

  • How do I enter my waiver into the system?
    RGP includes a form and document editor that you use to customize the waiver station and waiver documents specifically to your needs. 
  • Can I have different forms for adults and minors?

  • What happens when many customers need to fill out the waivers at once in my gym – won’t the waiver stations become a bottleneck?
    In those rare cases, just hand out paper waivers like you used to do!   The waiver stations are not all-or-nothing, you can still use paper waivers when the situation calls for it.

  • Where are the electronic documents stored?
    The electronic documents are stored at Amazon’s S3 storage service.   They are encrypted with your master key.  You can choose to have a local backup of the documents if you desire.
  • Can I have the customer initial sections on my waiver?

  • How do you prevent a youth from fraudulently signing a waiver
    The digital waiver solution doesn’t change the fact that an individual can commit fraud when signing a waiver.  This is no different than with paper waivers.

  • Can parents sign waivers remotely?
    Yes, using the e-signature feature of the online waiver.

  • Do the waiver stations work with the multigym version of RGP
  • How big are the electronic waiver files?
    100-200k PDF files.

  • Can multiple adult participants be on a single waiver?
    No, each waiver must be for a single individual adult. You can use the FREE Smartwaiver integration to add multiple minor participants to a waiver. 
  • Can the waiver stations be used in Canada?

  • My waiver requires both the parent and child to sign – is this supported by the waiver stations?
  • Can customers sign waivers on an IPad?
    Yes, please see our iPad digital waiver page.

  • My waiver has a signature area for “Witness”, and often my staff are the witness on the documents.  Is this supported?
    While this is possible, having your staff be a witness on a waiver station document creates a problem since your staff is behind the front desk and the customer is in front of the waiver station!  If you must have a Witness signature, then you’ll probably want to use the waiver stations but have the documents be print-and-sign.   Your customers will complete the form at the waiver station, and the document will automatically print either behind the desk or on a printer next to the waiver station.  They’ll sign the printed document manually, and then your staff can also sign as a witness if required.  Just like the paperless documents, the customer record will automatically be created so no data transcription is required.   If you then scan the document into RGP, the document will automatically be assigned to the proper customer as they are tagged with a barcode that is read by RGP.

  • Can the waiver stations be used in countries other than Canada and the US?
    The waiver stations will work in any country provided your customers read English.  The stations are are web-based application running in the U.S., so you’ll also want to check your latency to U.S. websites.
  • Can this system be used for other forms such as membership and belay forms?
    You can use the paperless waiver system for belay/test forms  – though please be aware if your forms require a staff signature your staff member will need to accompany the customer to the waiver station to sign the document.  Membership forms are not supported, as it would be impossibly complex to handle the varied “math” required to support the many different ways climbing gyms sell memberships.  I recommend sticking with paper for the membership forms since a typical day only involves a few of those forms.
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