Creating the URL for an iPad Waiver Station form

If you need the URL to display a waiver form on an iPad waiver station you can find that in the Waiver Management window. Note that you should only use these URLs for tablets you provide at your facility, not on your website, as there is no email confirmation step presented to the customer when using iPads. Also be sure to publish your waiver before using this URL.

  1. In the Data Entry main window click Manage and select Waiver Management / Stations to open the Waiver Management window.
  2. Click the Live tab.
  3. Select the form you wish to place on your iPad waiver station.
  4. Click the Copy iPad/Netbook URL button.
  5. Under Target check Selected Form if you want a link to just that form or choose Top Level Form List if you want all the forms to be displayed.
  6. Copy and paste the displayed URL into your iPad browser. Click OK to close the window.
  7. Click Close to exit the Waiver Management window.

Please note that depending on the web browser being used to host this URL, we recommend turning off Auto-fill settings so the data is not collected between customer use.


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