Overview for Deploying the Digital Waiver System

To deploy digital waivers you will need the following:

  • A Plus or Premium level paid plan for Rock Gym Pro
  • Internet Explorer 10 or later: Launch Internet Explorer and confirm you can view a PDF properly within Internet Explorer. It should display full page if you set the preferences accordingly.
  • Time and timezone synced with Internet time. You can enable this option in your Windows settings.
  • All computers running Rock Gym Pro must have access to the following URLs. If you have any type of filter/block modify your whole list to allow access.
    • app.rockgympro.com
    • rockgympro.com
    • www.rockgympro.com
    • s3.amazonaws.com


You will then need to complete the following tasks for Rock Gym Pro forms:

You will then need to complete the following tasks for Smartwaiver forms:


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