Importing customers into Rock Gym Pro

Congratulations on taking the first steps towards using Rock Gym Pro in your facility!  While migrating to a new software application is a daunting task, once the dust settles you’ll be thrilled with how much Rock Gym Pro can help your business.

IMPORTANT!  Before importing customers, be absolutely sure you are running the latest version of Rock Gym Pro.  You can confirm this by going to Data Entry -> Manage -> About -> Update.

Importing Your Customers

You should now be in possession of a zip file containing the data you provided as well as an XML customer migration template.

Ideally you provided your complete data set.  If not, use whatever method you used previously to produce your complete data set as a tab delimited file.  The format must match the sample you provided EXACTLY.

To import your customers:

  1. Launch Data Entry.
  2. Go to Manageselect Maintenance and then select Import Customers.
  3. Under Step 2: Click the Choose button and select the .XML file that was emailed to you by Rock Gym Pro.
  4. Under Step 3:
    • Click the Choose button and select the data file you will be importing.
      (Rock Gym Pro support will instruct you as to what data file to use.)
    • Enter the customer set name.
  5. Under Step 4: Select a customer set range you wish to import.
  6. … and then press IMPORT FILE

Depending on the number of customers and the power of your computer – importing can take anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours.

About Step 4:
If you have over 15,000 customers and don’t have enormous amounts of RAM in your computer, you should import them in batches of around 5,000.  You can create batches by naming individual import sets and specifying the line numbers in the appropriate boxes.  For instance, batch 1 would be lines 1 – 5000, batch 2 would be lines 5001-10000, etc.

Reviewing Your Data

IMPORTANT: It is imperative that you review your data thoroughly.

You can review large groups of customers quickly by using Step 4 in the Import Customer window to load your customer sets in the Data Entry list.  Up to 1,000 customers can be loaded at once, so for sets larger than that just specify a number range in the boxes provided.

Mistakes happen – in your data and when creating the import template.   Try to look at a wide variety of customers including guests, members, and punch card users.  Look at their belay statuses, notes, etc.

All imported users have an additional tab in the customer record called Imported Data.  This is useful as a cross references as it contains the original data imported from each customer.  In the event some data couldn’t be imported, or there is a specific mistake, you can use the data on this tab to rectify the problem.

Deleting the Imported Customers

Should you need to reimport your customers (due to a change in the template, additional data, or some other reason) – it is very easy to delete the entire import set.   Go to Data Entry -> Manage -> Advance -> Import Customers and select the customer set (or sets) in the box at the bottom.   Then press the DELETE CUSTOMER SET button to delete the customers.  And then proceed with reimporting your data.

IMPORTANT!  Do not press the CLEAR IMPORT SET button, as that simply erases the imported data tab on each customer and renders the import set undeletable!

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