Importing gift card data

If you have an existing gift card data file you can import it into the Rock Gym Pro software.

File Requirements:

  • File Type: Text, Tab Delimited File
  • Two Columns:
    • Column 1: Gift card barcode number
      (this can only contain letters, numbers or dashes)
    • Column 2: Gift card balance
  • First Row: Must be a header row; it will be ignored by the system, header names can be anything.

Import Steps:

  1. In the Data Entry main window click Manage, select Maintenance and then select Import Gift Cards.
  2. Click the Browse button to find your gift card import file.
  3. Assign a unique tag for the import. *Note that if you later import another file with the same tag that the old gift cards with this tag will be deleted.
  4. Select a transaction date. Use a date in the past so gift card imports don’t affect z-out.
  5. Click the Import Gift Cards button.
  6. Click Close to finish.


If there are any gift cards in your database with card numbers that match gift cards in your import file, the value of the two cards will be added together. Rock Gym Pro will not display a warning or an error during the import process if this is the case. It is recommended that you only import unique gift card numbers.




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