Is there a Bulk Unfreeze option?

There is no bulk unfreeze function in RGP because there is no standard behavior for unfreezing across all of our customers. In general, there are two options.

Option #1 - Undo the bulk freeze

From  Data Entry to Manage > Covid-19 > Bulk Freeze

You can select a bulk freeze tag from the Undo Previous Bulk Freeze section in the upper right of the window. You can then undo that bulk freeze. This deletes all of the freeze statuses (and tags) that were created as a part of the original freeze action. When you view these customers, it will appear as if they were never frozen.

If these customers are EFT members, RGP will not attempt to bill them for months during which they were frozen, and will not invoice dues for the remainder of the current billing month. This action will simply turn these customers into EFT members in good standing who will be billed their normal dues amount on your next bill date.

If these customers are Prepaid Members, their memberships will not be extended by the amount of time they were frozen.


Running Billing On the Same Day You Undo the Bulk Freeze

If you are running billing today on the same day you undo the bulk freeze for members, you do not have to worry about prorated dues. You can simply run billing.

For example, if you run billing on June 1 and you did not run billing for April or May, when you open your billing window Data Entry > Manage > Billing you may receive a warning that you have members with their next bill date in the past. This is OK!

Click on the Post Dues button Billing Dates On or Before to June 1, 2020.
Then click the Post These Invoices button
Confirm the action - Move Next Bill Date to July 1st.

When the posting of invoices is complete, go to the Balances Due Window and click Bill All Customers.



There are two additional tools, Bulk Invoices and Bulk Prepaid End Date Extension, that may be useful here that can be found in Data Entry > Manage > Covid-19. If you do not see these options, be sure to upgrade to the latest version of RGP.

Bulk Invoices

If you are not running billing the same day you are unfreezing and need to prorate customer dues you can use the new Bulk Invoice Tool.

If you want to do something like invoice all EFT customers who were tagged as a part of the bulk freeze for the remainder of this billing month before deleting the bulk freeze action, you can.


Bulk Prepaid End Date Extension

In Data Entry > Manage > Covid-19 > Bulk Prepaid End Date Extension, you can extend the membership dates of prepaid members with a certain tag for a specific number of days. So if you were closed a total of 60 days, you could extend the memberships for your prepaid members by 60 days.



Option #2 - Unfreeze members one at a time as they return

With this option, you will not attempt to bulk unfreeze members. Instead, when someone returns to the facility and says they want to resume their membership, unfreeze them as an individual which will collect their prorated dues and resume their membership.



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