Custom Report: Membership Count Summary

Report Description:
A summary count of total members on a particular date, compared to previous dates and record high. A great report to be scheduled as a daily email to managers.


Columns / Rows Displayed:

  • Date - One row for each of following dates:
    • Report date (date selected)
    • Day prior to report date
    • Month prior to report date
    • Year prior to report date
  • Members - count of members on this row’s date
  • #Diff -  difference between member count on this row’s date and report date
  • %Diff - percent difference between member count on this row’s date and report date




Download the SQL code as a .txt file


Disclaimer: Custom SQL reports can be used or modified by RGP customers at their own discretion. However, due to the custom nature of each report and the varying size of a customer's database, some reports may be slow to run (or may not run at all).  All support and/or modifications requested of these public, custom reports will follow the standard Custom SQL Report fee structure.

Please also see: Adding Custom SQL Reports

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