Custom Report: Members - with ACH and CC

Report Description:
Generates a report showing a list of members that have both ACH and CC records on file. Oftentimes ACH is less expensive to process, but if both records are shown, then CC will process by default.


Columns Displayed:

  • Member Name
  • Customer Type
  • Current Status
  • Bank Routing Number
  • Bank Account Number
  • XW Masked CC Number



Download the SQL code as a .txt file


Disclaimer: Custom SQL reports can be used or modified by RGP customers at their own discretion. However, due to the custom nature of each report and the varying size of a customer's database, some reports may be slow to run (or may not run at all).  All support and/or modifications requested of these public, custom reports will follow the standard Custom SQL Report fee structure.

Please also see: Adding Custom SQL Reports

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