Reviewing a Customer’s Change History

If there’s an issue with a customer's record, it can be helpful to go back and review when the edit was made and who made it so you can work with that staff member to correct the issue. Here’s how to review the change history on a customer profile:

  1. You can review the customer profile’s change history from several different places in Rock Gym Pro by double-clicking on the customer’s name. This will bring up the View and Edit Customer window.
  2. Click the Customer History button at the bottom of the customer record.
  3. You will now see a list of dates for each edit and the staff member who made the edit.
  4. Select a date to review the edit made on that date. You will see the old value and the new value for each attribute.
  5. Once you are finished reviewing the customer profile’s history click the OK button to close the Customer Change History window, and OK again to close the View and Edit Customer window.




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