Reviewing a Customer’s Bookings

You can easily access customer booking information from the Data Entry window.

  1. Get started by looking up the customer in the Data Entry window. Select their name and click the Bookings button at the bottom of the page to open up the Customer Bookings window.

  2. Here you will see a list of the customer’s booking history, including active bookings. You’ll be able to see the price of each event, how much they paid, any balance remaining, and any notes the staff has entered.

  3. Similar to the Manage Event window in the Calendar, you can see details about a selected booking and make any edits:

    - Edit/Acct/Docs: This drop-down menu lets you edit customer information, access their invoice and payment history, review documents, and review check-in history
    - Participants: This button lets you make changes to the participants associated with this booking
    - Email: This button allows you to email the customer a confirmation or cancellation email
    - Cancel/Un-Cancel: This button allows you to cancel or un-cancel a booking
    - More: Use this drop-down menu to relocate the booking to a different event, assign a different customer to the booking, view booking changes for this individual, or completely delete the booking instead of canceling it
    - Details: This tab lets you see details about the booking, add notes, put in a promotion code, or change the number of participants for this booking
    - Participants: This tab lets you learn more about the participants for this booking and edit their information if necessary
    - Modify Price: This button lets you assign a custom price
    - Transactions: This button lets you view and apply other transactions, like rentals, to the booking
    - Send to POS: Use this button to send the booking to the POS
    - Refresh Booking/Payment Display: Manually refresh the booking to display your changes

  4. If necessary, click the Open Event button to open the event in the Manage Event window.

  5. Click Print List to create a report of the customer’s bookings. You can now print, email, open the report in Word or Excel, or save it as an HTML or CSV file.





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