Overview of Customer Activity Analysis reports

The Customer Activity Analysis Reports tool allows you to produce reports that display purchase or check-in history for a specific set of customers. The following are the general steps for creating the analysis; click the links to get more information about each step.

  1. To get started, go to the the Data Entry main window, click Reporting and then select Customer Activity Analysis Reports.
  2. Choose your Customer Source List. This is the list of customers to analyze. It can come from the list of customers displayed in the Data Entry window, a customer query (saved as a Custom Report), tagged customers, or just customers that match the activity date constraints.
  3. Choose your activity dates. For example, you can choose the date range a customer became a member or the date range a customer purchased a specific product. You can also define a fixed end date.
  4. Configure the report. Options include report type (totaled or itemized), the ability to filter on specific revenue accounts or products as well as add additional info to the output such as email address, etc.
  5. Click Generate Report.


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