Offsite Backups

As part of a Paid Plan you can choose to have your database backups transferred and stored securely offsite for no additional cost! Now you can have peace of mind should an unforeseen disaster strike and your database gets damaged or corrupted.

How it Works:

  • Sign up for a Paid Plan
  • Use the Windows Scheduler to schedule a daily RGP backup.  See instructions.
  • Be sure the Secure Offsite Backup option is checked in Data Entry -> Maintenance -> Backup and Restore
  • When the backup job runs each night, RGP will automatically transfer your daily backup archives to a redundant remote storage server!
  • Enable replication to restore up to date point in time recovery: How to enable replication

Concerned about security?  Here is how your backup is secured:

  • All backup archives are encrypted with TripleDES encryption using your private master key.  The master key is required to unpack any archive.  Only you know your master key and it is NOT stored within the database.
  • All information transferred to/from the offsite location is transferred using an SSL (secure sockets layer) connection.
  • Access to your archive list is controlled via your Support Activation Key.
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