Troubleshooting the Rock Gym Pro backup

If an offsite backup has not been received by the Rock Gym Pro backup service it is critical that this is fixed immediately. Here are the troubleshooting steps to take before contacting support.

 Check your Windows password

One of the primary reasons the backup task stops running is if someone changed the Windows password for the Windows User Account from which the scheduled backup task runs. If you have updated any Windows passwords on your server, launch the Windows Task Scheduler and either edit the task to use the new password or delete the existing backup task and create a new one.

Windows made a change in early 2019 where you may have to add the device name as well as the current User to the User Name section when creating a new Windows backup task, or editing a current task.



Troubleshooting the backup settings

On your MySQL Server please check the following items:


  • Launch Data Entry and confirm you are running the latest version of Rock Gym Pro. If you are running the latest version there will be no purple update button. Even if you've updated your front desk computers, your server may not have been updated yet.
  • Click Manage and go to Settings. Click Check next to your Plan Activation Key to confirm your premium paid plan status.
  • Please check the following items:
    • Be sure your Rock Gym Pro server is being left on and is not entering power saving mode at night. If you are currently using the “wake computer to run task” option in the Task Scheduler, you may want to leave the computer on (turn off power saving mode) to see if this is causing the problem.
    • Your internet connection is operating properly.
    • Your local backup folder is reachable (for instance, if you are using a USB drive for the local portion of your backup).
    • You have sufficient disk space on all your hard drive partitions.
  • Confirm the date, time, and timezone is correct on your Rock Gym Pro server as well as all workstations. Be sure to check the timezone. If any of these are not correct, Rock Gym Pro cannot establish a secure connection and transfer the backup.
  • If you've recently changed any account passwords on your server, be sure that you've also updated the password for the scheduled backup task in the Windows Task Scheduler.


Running a manual backup

If all the above items are correct, run a manual backup. If the manual backup fails, review the error messages in the Backup Log to help diagnose the issue.


Checking the backup log

In the Data Entry main window click Manage, select Maintenance and then select Backup and Restore Database. Click the View Backup Log button. After opening the backup log, please scroll to the end of the log to see the latest backup attempts.

  • If you see any reference in the backup log to a TMP file not being able to be created, disable your antivirus software and try again. McAfee, TrendMicro, and AVG have known incompatibilities with MySQL. We recommend Windows Defender (Free and standard with windows) or ESET (Paid) antivirus software. If you are unwilling to change your antivirus software, consider adding an exception for the RockGymPro.EXE file to your antivirus configuration (note: we are unable to add this exception for you). This is an example of what an antivirus MySQL incompatibility looks like.
    • EXECUTING MYSQLDUMP for C:\ProgramData\RockGymPro\RGPBackupWorkFile.tmp mysqldump: Couldn't execute 'SHOW TRIGGERS LIKE 'promotions\_to\_offerings'': Can't create/write to file 'C:\windows\TEMP\#sql_d84_0.MYI' (Errcode: 13) (1)
  • If you see Error Code 28 that means your disk is full. Please make more disk space available on the drive that contains MySQL.
  • If you see checking premium support status as the last item in each backup attempt, please try our alternate backup CMD method.

Contacting Support

If the backup is still not running or you have additional concerns, please send an email to and attach the Backup Log file. To attach the log, click View Log to open in Notepad. Save the file to your desktop and then attach this file to your email. We will be unable to assist you unless you attach the backup log.





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