Backing up your RGP Database

Backing Up (and restoring) your database is incredibly simple.  Rock Gym Pro can easily be configured to automatically produce a single, encrypted backup file containing your entire database.   This file can be placed in any location you specify, and Rock Gym Pro will even delete old files once they get a pre-specified number of days old.

Additionally, when you sign up for a Paid Plan, you have the option of having your backups securely stored offsite at no additional charge!  And with the offsite backups – should two days go by without a backup being transferred, you’ll even get notified that you may want to confirm that your backup job is working.  

Backing Up Your Database

  1. On the computer containing MySQL Server, launch Rock Gym Pro.
  2. Go to Data Entry -> Manage -> Maintenance -> Backup and Restore.
  3. Choose your target backup folder (which can be a network drive, USB drive, etc).
  4. Make sure you check the Transfer Offsite check box.
  5. Be sure you remember your Master Encryption Key, as your database archive is encrypted with this key and you will need the key to restore your database.
  7. Voila! In that folder should be a new file containing your entire database, complete with member photos.

Automating The Backup

  1. Once you’ve configured your backup settings, you can use the Windows Scheduler to set up the backup to run nightly.
  2. Using the Windows Scheduler, schedule the Backup Database application in the Rock Gym Pro folder to run nightly.  This scheduled task must run as the same Windows user you used to configure your backup settings.
  3. Windows made a change in early 2019 where you may have to add the device name as well as the current User to the User Name section when creating a new Windows backup task, or editing a current task.


Here is another support article with step-by-step instructions for enabling the Windows Task Scheduler to automatically send offsite backups.


Restoring Your Backup

  1. If disaster strikes, restoring your database is easy.
  2. On the computer containing MySQL Server – create a new, blank database using the Rock Gym Pro Configuration Utility.
  3. Go to Data Entry -> Manage -> Maintenance -> Backup and Restore.
  4. Use the “Restore From File” button and point to your latest backup file.
  5. Enter your Master Encryption Key.
  6. Voila! Your database has been restored.


If you are unable to run the backup, it may be that your antivirus software is preventing the backup. There are known issues with Trend Micro, McAfee, and AVG interfering with MySQL and RGP. 

We recommend WINDOWS DEFENDER (FREE and standard with Windows) or ESET-NOD32 (Paid) for virus protection software, as there are NO known issues.

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