RGP Windows Task Scheduler to send offsite

Before you can create a Windows Task in the Task Scheduler, you have to have a password for the Windows user account creating the task. Windows will ask for your Admin Password after you have created your task. Therefore, before beginning the process, please make sure you have created a Windows password for your user account. This is the Windows password you enter to log on to your computer. 

If you change the Windows user account password you have to change your password in the Task Scheduler, or your RGP backup Task will not run. All you have to do is reopen your established RGP Offsite Backup Task and then click OK to close the task and Windows will prompt you for your new password:

This is how the screen will look at the end of the process, or if you have been prompted for your new password:


To open the Windows Task Scheduler, go to Start > Control Panel > Administrative Tools >Windows Task Scheduler. Click Create a Basic Task. Name the backup then click Next

Click Daily
Click Next
Select a time for your backup to run, preferably when you are closed and between 3-5 am. Then click Next


Click Start a Program then Next


then Browse and select Program Files (86x) Rock Gym Pro > Backup

 This is how the backup file path will look:

 Click Next
* Be sure to click the Open Properties Dialog box for this task BEFORE you click Finish. *

 The Properties Tabs should have the following boxes checked in the screenshots that follow:



Click OK. 

Now click Run to test the offsite backup before closing the Task Scheduler window. Highlight the RGP Offsite Backup then click Run. You may need to click Refresh to ensure it has completed the task.

Then check your RGP Offsite Archives List in the RGP Backup and Restore window, where you created the Local RGP backup, to see your newly created offsite backup.





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