Bulk Changing Customer Subtypes

If you need to change Customer Subtypes in bulk:

1. First, run a customer query to find your customers with the tag you want to change.

  • Go to: Data Entry > Reporting > Customer Queries
  • Select the condition: Policies: Customer Subtypes
  • Select the Subtype you want to change under Parameters and click All <click> to select.
  • Click Review Query to query and populate the list of customers you want to change.

2. Next, assign a tag to the customers you've selected.

  • Click Add Bulk Tag
  • Click OK if asked, "Do you wish to add a tag to ### customers who match the current query?"
  • Create a tag that will identify the customers you want to change and click OK to tag.
    (Note: This tag name can be deleted later)

3. Create your new Customer Subtype

  • Go to: Data Entry > Manage > Settings
  • From the Customers tab, create a new Subtype under Customer Subtypes (modify and add to the list)

4. Assign the new Subtype to the specially tagged customers

  • Go to: Data Entry > Manage > Tags
  • Go to the Apply Actions to Tagged (or NOT) Customers tab
  • Select Action: Subtype Assign
  • Click Execute
  • Select the subtype to be assigned and click OK
  • Review the warning and click Yes


5. Delete the tags you placed on the customers (optional)

  • Go to: Data Entry > Manage > Tags
  • Go to the Manage Existing Tags tab
  • Select the tag you wish to delete
  • Click Delete Tag
  • Click Yes when asked "Clear tag from database?", then Yes again.



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