Alternative Key-In Solutions for OpenEdge Users - 8/1/2023

On August 1, 2023, the payment processor Global Payments/OpenEdge retired a form that RGP relies on.  RGP was not the only customer of OpenEdge that was not informed of this change.  This caused problems in the software whenever a credit card/billing information needs to be stored without using a payment terminal (ex. Online/Kiosk Membership Sales, Alt Key-In Credit Cards at POS, Update billing using the Online Change Request form, etc.). 

At approximately 11:00am PST on August 1st, we released a fix to the Online Change Request form. This fix should allow your customers to submit billing information (ex. updated credit card information) without seeing the, "Hosted Payment Form Retired" screen. However, this temporary fix did not resolve POS issues. 

Update: August 15 - The issues affecting manually entered cards within the application (including at POS) have been patched for Cloud Users in RGP version 1.1.34146 and later. You can see which version of the software you are using by navigating to Data Entry > Manage > About. If you are unable to update to version 1.1.34146 or later, or if you continue to have problems with manual card entry after updating, please contact for assistance.

Note: This update will be available for locally hosted users soon.

Depending on your payment terminal, there is an alternative solution. To confirm what kind of terminal you're using perform the following steps:

  • Navigate to Data Entry > Manage > Settings > Payments & Billing tab. From there, click on the Configure button next to the Point of Sale drop-down. When the new window prompt examine your, "Capture Method"

When the new window prompts, examine your "Capture Method". See example screenshots below:

If your Capture Method is similar to the one above and reads, "Magnetic Stripe reader" change it to "PayFields webform (replaces HPF)" or "Manual Card Entry" (they will appear in the same location).

Once you've done that, close all instances of Rock Gym Pro on that computer, re-open them, and then try the following actions:

  • POS > Tender > Alt Key In Credit Card button <-- This button might disappear after enabling this capture method
  • POS > Tender > Credit Card button <-- This should now work but look different (will require to manually type info in)
  • Data Entry > search Customer Profile and open it > EFT/Billing tab > Change Card button <-- We expect this to not work and still produce the original error. However, the Online Change Request form works to take credit card information

What this will now do is require you to manually enter credit card information but should let you take payment and return to a level of normalcy for the day. If a customer needs to update their credit card information for billing reasons, they should be able to use your Online Member Change Request form without issue. If they do have an issue, try to ask what happened with either a screenshot or recording, and what actions they performed.

If your Capture Method reads, "EdgeExpress EMV via XpressLink/RCM", leave it as is.

If something is still not working or differs from what I have mentioned above, please send an email to and describe where in the software and actions you performed so our team can replicate the issue in an attempt to resolve it. 

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