What should I do if my server has crashed?

If your server crashes, you can turn one of your Rock Gym Pro workstations at the front counter or in the office into a temporary server until you can get a new server computer.

To do so you will need the following codes. Keep these in a safe place that you can easily find and reference if needed:

  • Plan Activation Key/Online Group Key (generated by Rock Gym Pro and given to you when you signed up for support)
  • Your Rock Gym Pro Master Encryption Key (created by someone at your facility during the initial installation/deployment of Rock Gym Pro)
  • Your MySQL root password (and username if you changed it) created at the same time as the Master Encryption Key

If you don’t know these, email us at support@rockgympro.com and we can send them to you. Once you have these codes learn how to restore an offsite backup to a new computer.


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