Does RGP have a free version?

Updated: January, 2017

Starting February 15, 2017, as announced in this email, all free versions of the RGP software will be limited to a six month free trial. The Free Trial allows users to evaluate the software with limited features, free for six months. At the end of the six month trial, users can choose to continue using RGP by selecting a paid plan with premium features.

If you installed the free version of RGP before February 14, 2017, you were given 6 months to continue using RGP at no charge. On August 15, 2017, you can continue using RGP by choosing a paid plan. If you would like to use RGP premium features before your six month free trial has expired, you can choose a paid plan now and pay grandfathered pricing until March 15, 2017.

If you installed the free version of RGP after February 14, 2017, your trial period will expire six months from the date the software is installed.


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