What should I do if I can’t start Rock Gym Pro or MySQL is unreachable?

If Rock Gym Pro stopped working and is claiming MySQL is unreachable then MySQL has stopped working, your local area network has problems, Windows firewall is blocking MySQL, or the IP address of your server has changed/is not reachable.

  • Be sure your MySQL server computer is running. This is the computer running your Rock Gym Pro database, not a workstation.
  • Check that the MySQL service is running on your server. In Windows, go to Control Panel > System > Administrative Tools > Services and look for the MySQL service and make sure it is started.
  • Be sure your server computer is reachable on your network for things like file sharing and printing. If it is not reachable, check your network connections and hubs.
  • Check the firewall on your MySQL server and be sure it is allowing MySQL inbound/outbound connections (port 3306). Sometimes Windows updates will turn on the firewall and start blocking MySQL. To test if the firewall is the problem, disable the Windows firewall on your server and see if that solves the problem.
  • It is possible your server IP address has changed, or the name used to access it is not resolving. Find someone who understands Windows networking and have them point the Rock Gym Pro workstations at the new IP address. They will need to find out the IP address of your server and then launch the RGP configuration wizard on each workstation and update the IP address. The configuration utility is located at Start > Program Files > Rock Gym Pro > Utilities.
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