Adding your logo to the online gift card confirmation email

It is highly recommended you add your logo to your online gift card confirmation email. It will both make it easier for the recipient to immediately identify the email as coming from your facility and reinforce your brand. For added branding, make sure you choose a background color that is complementary to your logo color and brand identity. The logo will show up after the personal message but before the email header content.

  1. From the main calendar window click the Manage Schedule button to bring up the Manage Schedule window, and then click the Gift Cards button to bring up the Online Gift Card Settings window.
  2. Click the Confirmation and Gift Card Email tab.
  3. Under Banner Graphic, click the Select Graphic button to bring up the Online Image Library. If you need to add a logo to the library click Add Image and select it from your computer. If you’ve previously added an image click on it and click Select Image. Click Close to save the image.
  4. Click Close to finish.


TIPFor best results use a logo that is 550 pixels wide and 90 pixels tall.


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