Overview of Online Gift Cards

If your facility is currently using the online booking system, many of the concepts and steps outlined below will be familiar and deployment should be easy.

For those facilities who have not used the online booking system, please take your time to read through this document thoroughly.


Here are examples of an integrated gift card purchase form.  These transactions are automatically downloaded as gift cards and payments into RGP.  


  • Your facility must be signed up with Premium Plan which includes the digital waiver integration and online booking system
  • There is no additional fee for online gift cards if your facility is already using the Premium Plan.
  • You will need a free Stripe credit card processing account to process online credit card transactions.  
  • If you already have an existing Stripe account that you use with the booking system, you do not need an additional Stripe account for the online gift cards.

How It works

For those familiar with the booking system, it will seem very similar and you should be able to get up and running very quickly.  After being purchased, the online gift cards function identically to the existing gift cards in Rock Gym Pro.


  • Step 1: You configure your online gift card widget with your RGP system
  • Step 2: You place either a link on your website OR embed the online gift card widget on a page in your website
  • Step 3: When customers purchase an online gift card, it will be delivered to Rock Gym Pro and you can assign it to an existing or new customer record


  • Online gift cards can only be redeemed within the RGP software - they cannot be redeemed online.  This means customers can’t use online gift cards (or any RGP gift cards for that matter) to make online bookings.   Online gift card redemption may be supported eventually, but not until later this year at the earliest.   IMO - this limitation should not stop a gym from deploying online gift cards as those interested in redemption will find a way to do it, i.e. pick up the phone, etc.


RGP Stripe Custom Credit Card Processing Account Details

  • RGP Stripe Custom is a custom integration between the payment processor Stripe and Rock Gym Pro. 
  • Reach out to support@rockgympro.com to set up your RGP Stripe account.
  • Stripe is a “full-stack” processor and this means there are no additional charges or requirements beyond their account and their fees for your online transactions. 
  • Stripe transaction fees are only charged for the transactions you process through the RGP booking system (unless you are also using Stripe for monthly billing and POS transactions).
  • When your RGP Stripe account is created you will log into payments.rockgympro.com and fill out your business information and designate a bank for pay-out deposits.
  • When your account details are verified RGP Support will connect your Stripe account to your RGP database and you are ready to begin collecting payments.
  • Stripe partial refunds are not supported.
  • All RGP website widgets and pages are secured with SSL, even when embedded into your website.   You don’t need an SSL certificate for your website.  That being said, an SSL certificate is a good idea (eventually) for two reasons:
    • If you embed the widget on your website, even though the widget/iframe is secured using SSL, the browsing customer won’t see https:// in the url window and might wonder if the information is secure.   If you link directly to the RGP pages they will see the https://.  But to repeat: in all cases the widgets are secure as long as you use the exact link provided by the widget.
    • Google has announced that they are ranking pages with SSL higher.


Initial Setup

The online gift card system is built atop the calendar system, thus you manage the gift card settings within the Calendar application.

You do NOT need to be using the calendar/booking system to deploy online gift cards.  You just need to use the application to configure your online gift cards.

  • Launch the RGP Calendar application
  • Click Manage Calendar (top, right corner)
  • If you are not using the online booking system, you’ll need to configure some basic business settings
    • IMPORTANT - set your time zone!
    • Set your facility name, address, website, contact email, etc.
    • Click Settings
  • After configuring your settings, click Gift Cards




Gift Card Settings

The gift card settings should be relatively self-explanatory.  

You can preview both the purchasing form and the recipient gift card email on the tabs shown below.




Online Gift Card Website Widget

You can access the website code for linking or embedding the online gift card widget on the tab shown below.

Information on placing these widgets on your website is available in the Webmaster Guide to RGP Web Widgets document.



Testing Online Gift Cards

The same steps can be used to test online gift cards as online bookings.    You can place any browser in TEST MODE and use a testing credit card.

  • You can put a browser into test mode via this link:  https://app.rockgympro.com/b/testmode.php?on
  • To turn off test mode:  https://app.rockgympro.com/b/testmode.php?off
  • In test mode, the following are allowed:
    • There is a “Test $0 Gift Card” button that always allows you to purchase a $0 gift card.  You still need to select an amount in the drop box, but a $0 gift card is purchased when you click that button
    • Stripe is put into “test mode”.  
    • Use this test credit card:  4242 4242 4242 4242 x2/22, cvv=222
  • Test mode gift card purchases are delivered to RGP normally.


Assigning Online Gift Cards

Online gift card purchases are delivered to your local RGP system.  They can then be assigned to a customer record using the Online Transaction Assignment window.

The purchaser’s details are used to create / assign the transaction to the customer record.

A video tutorial is available on how to assign online transactions.

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