RGP Stripe Custom integration with Stripe Terminal

RGP Stripe Custom is a custom integration between the payment processor Stripe and Rock Gym Pro. With this integration, facilities now have the option to use RGP Stripe Custom for:

  • EFT monthly billing
  • ACH monthly billing (US Only)
  • POS terminal transactions, and 
  • Online transactions

This means ONE payment processor and ONE deposit to reconcile to RGP reports - simplifying your payment processing and saving you time! 


For new customers using Rock Gym Pro, RGP Support will create a Stripe Custom account as part of your onboarding process and connect it to your RGP database.


Online Sales: If you are an existing RGP customer on a Premium Plan we can immediately move over all of your online transactions from your current Stripe Standard account to the RGP Stripe Custom.

POS Terminal Sales: Facilities in the US, CA, UK, IE, EU, AU, NZ, and SG now have the option to use a fully integrated payment processor with Stripe Terminal. 

Monthly Billing/On Account Sales: If you currently process monthly billing with Stripe Standard or OpenEdge we can move your vaulted customer credit card data over to RGP Stripe Custom, but this requires a credit card data migration. If you are interested in learning more about please select a time from our online calendar below to arrange a time for us to call and discuss what this process entails. 


If you’re interested in getting started with Stripe Custom or if you have any questions, please schedule a time to connect and we will get you set up quickly. 

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