Distributing Tips Collected by Stripe Terminals

RGP doesn't assume that the tips collected from the Stripe credit card terminals will be removed from the cash register at the end of the night. How facilities payout tips will vary from business to business.

  • One option is to use the Tips Tips Collected at Terminal report to pay them out on each employee's paycheck and have taxes deducted (if appropriate) for your employees. (Found in Data Entry - Reporting - General Reports - Tips Collected at POS Terminal)

  • Another option, if you/your staff prefer cash tips, is to make a transaction at the end of the night (before the nightly Z-Out is completed) and use the Tip product in RGP to "refund"/cash out the tip total for the day.

For cashing out tips you will first want to set up the Tip Product in RGP:

From Data Entry go to Manage - Products. Click on the Add Product button


Complete the fields from the Product Properties tab and click OK.


Now, from Data Entry, go to Manage - Settings - Payment & Billing. At the bottom of the screen, select Tip Product/Receipt


Click on the Tip Product you created, then the Add button, and then OK.


 At the end of the day, your staff can see the tip totals for the day in the Z-Out Summary Report.

    • Go into POS History - Select Register = All, then click Z-Out Summary Report - All. The tip total will be in the Tip category. 
    • If $46.15 was collected in tips you will create a sale at the POS to a staff account and ring the Tip Product for -$46.15. Then click Tender - Cash and remove $46.15 from the cash drawer.

    • Doing a cash refund using the tip product will add a line item to the Tips Collected at Terminal report that "zeroes" out the tips for the day. This helps facilities track how many tips were collected and how many tips were paid out.

    • In the example below, $46.15 was collected in tips, and $46.15 was cashed out at the end of the night leaving the tip report balance at $0 for the day.

      If desired you can use the Tips Collected at Terminal Report to divide the tips by shifts/time periods to distribute to the appropriate staff. 

Please note, that RGP is not liable/responsible for how you chose to distribute/handle the integrated tips.



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