New Facility Getting Started with Stripe Custom


If you are new to RGP or have a new location, an RGP Stripe Custom payment account was created as part of your onboarding.

Onboarding your payment account:

Log into using your email address and the temporary password that was emailed to you when the account was created. If you did not receive the temporary password, use your email as the username and select forgot password. You'll be emailed instructions on how to set a new password to log in. 

Once logged in provide your business information and bank account details for payouts.

If you are a new business and have a new EIN Tax number, please note it may take a bit longer for Stripe to verify the account. This typically self-resolves in a few days. Reach out to if you have any concerns!

Select your Settings in RGP

Once the account is onboarded, open RGP Data Entry and navigate to Manage - Settings - Payment and Billing Tab. 

  • Billing Credit Card: Set to Stripe - Click Configure and Check Stripe Configuration. If you see a Success message, you are ready to store credit cards on member's EFT/Billing tab for billing. If you see a message saying something is not connected reach out to

  • Point of Sale: Set to Stripe Terminal - Click Configure - Select Terminal
    (please note the instructions below on how to order and register your Stripe Terminals)
    This setting is workstation-specific, so you will select a terminal in your RGP Settings on each front desk POS computer.

    • Ordering Stripe Terminals: Stripe Terminals can be ordered at under the Terminal Tab - Order Terminals. If you have any issues with your address being accepted as valid reach out to 
    • Registering Terminals: When your terminals arrive, follow the instructions here to register the terminals in the payments dashboard and select them in your RGP Settings. Registering and Connecting Stripe Terminals
    • If you are in a country where Stripe Terminals are not yet supported you can select the Terminal option for your POS. This allows you to sell products in the RGP POS but collect them with a 3rd party processor by entering the total to collect from RGP POS into a non-integrated terminal. 

  • Billing ACH: If you are located in the United States*, you have the option to use the integrated Billing ACH with Stripe. If you are a US-based facility select Stripe ACH and then you can begin collecting ACH billing information on customer accounts. 

    *Facilities outside of the US - please note direct debit is not an integrated option with RGP at this time. There is a workflow to bill direct debits outside of RGP using this Mock/Simulated Direct Debit Flow. With this process, the membership amounts, statuses, and invoices are tracked in RGP, but the payment for those invoices is collected outside of RGP. 

Once the settings are selected you are ready to begin processing Online, POS, and Billing transactions with RGP.

If you have any questions about how to get started accepting payments please schedule a support training call. These calls are included in your subscription dues and we encourage you to schedule as many as you need to ensure you're using RGP to the fullest potential for your business. 

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