Mock/Simulated Billing with a nonintegrated Processor

Mock Simulated Billing:

  • In RGP, Data Entry > Manage > Settings > Payment & Billing Select ACH Text File for the Billing ACH/Draft billing method. 


  • Configuring recurring billed members
    • On Recurring Direct Debit Members, enter ACH information. You can enter their real account details (account number will be encrypted - but ACH payments are not held to the same PCI compliance as credit card information).
      OR you could enter a test routing number such as 021000021 to satisfy RGP’s requirement that some information is provided in those fields.
    • Configure the RGP members as required with the next bill date, dues, etc.
    • There should be NO warnings when saving the customer record if the customer is set up properly.
    • You will also need to record the real bank draft information with your bank/processor (via their website or however you communicate)



  • Once a month, dues are posted and customers are “billed” in RGP.  If you have a month-to-month EFT and members who are paying via credit card, those payments will be collected at the time of billing through Stripe.
    For Mock/Simulated Billing the transaction does not happen through RGP, but a record of payment is created.
  • In the Billing Window, under the Billing Events, the ACH Text File will be listed as "Generated" Click "View Event" to see the list of customers. You can click Print - to save or export the file (Excel, Word, HTML, CSV, etc)​​


  • Then click Export Event File - save to your computer and then send that report to your third-party provider to actually process the monthly billing payments. (I've attached a sample of that exported file)
    Once sent you can change the Billing Event Status from Generated to Submitted.


  • When your third-party provider processes the payments and you know what payments were approved or declined you can change the Billing Event from Submitted to Completed.
  • Any payment declines should be marked as declined in RGP so that an alert appears when the customer checks in.


  • Once manually marked as declined in the customer's invoice & payment history you will have the option to email a declined notification to the customer.


  • Here is a video tutorial on how to set up and process simulated direct debit payments in RGP.
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