Automated Billing Available for RGP Cloud Users Only

Automated Billing is an optional feature that allows you to automatically schedule your monthly billing tasks to run at specific dates/times during the month. This feature is available to RGP Cloud users only

The Reason:
With a function as important as billing, we need to make absolutely certain that the scheduled task runs when it was specified to run. The only way we can ensure this happens is to run this task on servers that are in RGP's control (i.e., servers using RGP Cloud). 

If these tasks were to run on servers out of RGP's control (i.e., locally installed servers), there are very real risks that the following could happen:

  • The local server time could be incorrect
  • The task could fail to launch
  • A facility could move to a new database server (locally) but fail to disable MySQL and the scheduled task.  This would result in billing running twice - once on the old database and once on the new database.

In any of these scenarios, the result could be a billing failure and a lot of avoidable headaches for you and your customers.


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