What is Billing Launch?

A Billing Launch is a one-click action that conveniently processes all of your billing at once. Once a month you can use the Billing Launch to process your billing. If you collect balances mid-month (or choose to rerun some declines mid-month) you can use the Billing Launch to process these transactions as well.

With Billing Launch you can:

  • Post Dues
  • Process Credit Cards
  • Process ACH transactions


When launched, the billing process will run in the background on the computer which allows you to continue working on other tasks. When the action is complete, you'll have the option of sending a Billing Summary to a list of email addresses that you specify. 

NOTE: If you attempt to Post Dues before your billing date (either by accident or intentionally) the operation will be safely ignored.

You are still able to utilize the Balance Due tab and Post Dues button to manually perform various billing actions. The Billing Launch button simply rolls up all of these operations into a single action.


You can view the log of previous billing processes by clicking the View Process Log button as shown below:


View Status

You can view the status of a currently running billing process by clicking the View Status button.






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