Latest Update Includes Online Member Change Form

The latest update to the Rock Gym Pro software is here!

Included in this update is a popular feature request:  Online Membership Change Request Form.

Once set up in your account (Paid Premium Plan required), the Change Request Form will allow your customers to request changes to their membership account directly from your website – changes like; updating contact and payment information, freezing and un-freezing an account and canceling a membership. 

Learn more about this feature and how to set it up.  


Other enhancements in this update include:

  • Invoicing  ‘To Account’ Changes
    – Managers are now provided a warning if a customer will exceed their spending limit with an on account purchase.
    – If a customer has an upcoming termination status scheduled for the next billing date, non-managers will be prevented from selling an item on account.
  • New ‘Customer Window’ Prompts 
    – When terminating a member, staff are now warned if the customer has a balance due. Your staff will still be able to proceed with the termination, but the new warning will allow them to follow facility procedures in collecting the balance.
    – Customers with a balance can now be frozen.
    – There’s a new setting in Manage -> Settings -> Billing that will prompt your staff to charge any past due balance after a member credit card is updated.  This prompt will only be shown once when closing the customer window after the payment update.
  • Email List Management
    – A new option has been added to allow the export of lastname and firstname along with the email addresses.
  • EMV Credit Card Processing Improvements
    – The button in the payment completion window to use the MOTO account for a POS transaction has been removed.  In its place are instructions for your staff on how to properly process a card-not-present transaction on the EMV device.(You can re-enable the MOTO button by going to Data Entry -> Settings -> Payments and Billing -> POS Gateway/XWeb -> Settings and enabling. However, we do not recommend as this makes bank reconciliations more cumbersome.)
  • New Options For Vendor List
    – You can now print your vendor list or save as a CSV




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