RGP Update - Released December 14, 2021

If you're using a locally installed version of RGP, a new update is ready to install:

To get the update, launch Data Entry → Manage → About → Check For Updates

If you’re using RGP Cloud, you do not need to install a new version of the software to use the updated features listed below. You already have them!



Changes in This Update Include: 

1) Online Gift Cards - Delayed Email Send for Recipient

You can now choose to allow your customers to specify the date on which the recipient of an electronic gift card purchase will receive their notification email.

This allows customers to purchase gift cards in advance, but delay their arrival until a specific day like a holiday or a birthday.  .

  • Go to Calendar --> Manage Schedule--> Gift Cards

Specify the maximum number of days in advance you would like your customers to be able to notify the recipient of their gift card purchase. 


If this setting is left at 0, this feature will be disabled and all gift card notifications will be delivered immediately.


2) 'Important' Flag on Customer Notes

You can now mark Notes as “Important”. Important Notes are "pinned" to the top of the Note List and are displayed by most recent first. So the order of a complete Note List will be:

  1) Important Notes from the most recent to least recent
  2) Normal Notes from most recent to least recent.

This feature can be used for information that you want front desk managers to see as the customer checks in but may not be appropriate to create an "alert" that disrupts the check-in process. Good examples include: “This customer has a peanut allergy” or “Aunt is allowed to pick up this student from practice”.

To enable, simply check the box at the bottom of the note:



Important Notes will be pinned to the top of the list







3) Specify Max Start Date on Online Membership Offerings

You can now require customers to specify a Start Date for an Online Membership Offering that falls before a specific cutoff date. This allows you to create limited time online membership sales that require customers to start by a date (e.g.;  January 1st).

In order for this to work, you will need to set a cutoff date on the Membership Settings tab of the Edit Offering window.




You'll also need to specify a limited time range when the Offering will be available for purchase on the Properties tab of the Edit Offering window.



4) Option to Default New Customers to "Do Not Email"
When adding new customers manually, you now have the option to default their settings to: "Do Not Email".



Other Enhancements


  • Check-out Time now Shown on Customer Visit History in Data Entry
    Check-out times will now be visible in the Customer Visit History window. Previously, only Check-In times were visible. To enable: Highlight a customer name from the Check-In module -->
    Click More beneath the customer’s photo, --> select Check-In History

  • Disable Checks at POS
    It is now possible to hide the “check” payment option on the POS Tender screen for locations that do not wish to accept checks as payment.

  • Add Bookings Quick Link to Customer Details on Check-in Screen
    You can now view a customer’s booking history from the Check-In module. To enable: Highlight a customer name from the Check-In module --> click More beneath the customer’s photo -->select Bookings.

  • New Alert When Saving Customer as a Guest with Punches Available
    If a customer has remaining punches and staff attempt to switch that customer to a customer type of “Guest”, RGP will now display an alert to warn staff.

  • Optional Pay Customer Balance Before Switching them to "Bill To"
    If a customer has an outstanding balance when staff switch their billing method to Bill To a responsible member, staff will be asked if they want to collect the outstanding balance immediately. This is for cases when a responsible member is taking responsibility for all future charges, but is not responsible for existing charges.

  • Always Show Date Range in Find Transaction Dialog
    We've made it easier to run open ended searches in Data Entry --> View --> Find Transactions, by removing the requirement to specify an invoice number or exact amount before searching.


Misc. Fixes

  • Connect Booking Reminder Emails to bookings
    Previously, a record of booking reminder emails sent to remote customers did not show on the email tab of their customer records, even though the emails had been delivered. - Fixed.

  • Show Special Notes in Sticky Pane
    Previously, automatically generated notes for customer transfers between locations in a multi-gym did not show in the “sticky notes” pane that appears beside an open customer record. - Fixed.

  • Date Ranges for Viewing Pin Entry log - Fixed
  • Error from Duplicate Waiver Field Names in Mapping - Fixed
  • Apply Custom Check-in SQL to Member Guest Passes and Shared Punches - Fixed
  • Participant List Birthday Sort Order - Fixed



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