RGP Update - New Features Released - September, 2017

New features are ready to install in the latest update to RGP.

To get the update, launch Data Entry -> Manage -> About -> Update.


New Features


1. Customer-Facing Public Check-In Mode
Public Check-In Mode allows you to set up a customer-facing Check-In workstation so customers can view their basic check-in details after scanning their membership card. 

To enable, go to Check-In and click on the Public Mode Toggle button. Check the highlighted box shown below and click OK.





2. Rock Gym Pro Knowledge Base
Access to RGP’s new Knowledge Base is now easily accessible directly in Rock Gym Pro! Search our expanding library of RGP support articles and community forums by typing your question in the new search bar at the top of your Data Entry screen.




This feature is currently set to ON by default. If you'd rather not show the Knowledge Base in Rock Gym Pro you can easily disable by going to: Manage --> Settings --> Misc.




3. Hover for Details
This is a quick and easy way for front desk staff to get a snapshot view of customers in Data Entry. Simply hover your mouse over the Info>> link to see more customer details including: customer photo, address, and all policies.





4. New Reports
Two new membership related reports have been added to General Reports. (1) Membership (EFT) - Dues by Customer and (2) Membership (EFT) - Dues Counts.

From Data Entry go to: Reporting
General Reports Membership

You’ll also notice that all Member Reports can now be found under the Membership Tab.




5. Custom Check-In SQL Trigger (Advanced Feature)
We’ve implemented the ability for you to create incredibly flexible, custom Check-In SQL Triggers that can ALERT your staff when  the response from the system is “Not OK”. For example, if your facility wants to be alerted each time a customer checks in with a waiver signed before a specific date, you can add that here.

Please contact support@rockgympro.com regarding this SQL trigger. This is an advanced feature. Rock Gym Pro can develop custom SQL within this feature for a fee.







1. Customer Query Constraint 
A new Customer Query Constraint has been added: Has Status Change (Start Date)





2. New Stripe Calculation (BIG Headache Reliever!) 
Stripe UTC deposit/fees can now be calculated and split by UTC date on outbound QuickBooks journal entries and on the Journal Entry Report.

This feature is disabled by default 

To enable, go to Data Entry Settings Manage Integrations and click on the button shown below:



 * For U.S. and Canadian customers only

>> Learn More About the New Stripe Calculation



3. Easier to Read Reorder Report 
The Reorder Report now includes an orange highlight for rows with a suggested order quantity and zero quantity in stock.





4. Right Click For More Info
Policies have been added to the screen view when you right-mouse click on a customer name in Data Entry.




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