RGP Update - New Features Released - October, 2017

New features are ready to install in the latest update to RGP.

To get the update, launch Data Entry → Manage → About → Update



New Features

1) Membership Change Request Form on ‘Form List’

Your Online Membership Change Request Form can now be included on the Form List that you display on a tablet at your facility.

To enable, go to Data Entry -> Manage -> Online Member Change Form - Config and look for the configuration options at the bottom of the configuration page.



Learn more about the RGP Form List and how to set it up.



2) New Charts
We’ve added a number of new charts to the Reporting tab in RGP.

- Membership Starts and Stops
These new charts record all new membership starts and as well as an accurate count for membership stops (expiring prepaid/terminating EFT).  Please be aware that these charts are accurate starting in January, 2016 when data tracking for these items was initiated.




- Mobile App Activity
These new charts show you the number of check-ins and unique customer activity for customers that are using the RGPro Connect Mobile App.



NOTE:  Charts will show data collected after September 25, 2017


- Online Account and Booking Activity
Get accurate data on customers that make bookings with an Online Account.




3) New Customer Query Constraints
You can now include mobile app activity and customer notes when running a customer query.




4) Load Entire Family Unit Into the Customer List
In Data Entry, when you search for a customer that has family members attached to their account, you’ll see a link at the bottom of the screen. Click this link to show all family members on the Customer List.




5. Multigym: Copy Calendar Offerings
If you operate multiple gyms, you now have the ability to easily copy Calendar Offerings from one gym to another.



Learn more about copying Calendar Offerings



Other Improvements

We’ve added a new option to disable Auto Customer Assignment in calendar transactions. To disable, from Data Entry go to Manage → Settings→ Misc.




2) Age has been added to the hover popup screen when you right-mouse click the customer name from the Customer List.




3) Booking Details and Booking Grid now show an invoiced amount.  For unpaid bookings, this allows your staff to know that the customer was invoiced and you are awaiting payment.





4) You can now apply the action: EFT Dues, under Manage Tags.

From Data Entry go to ManageTagsApply Actions to TaggedSelect Action.



Bug Fixes:

  • BUG FIX:  Daily Maintenance lock popups
  • BUG FIX:  Document View window now opens in fullscreen
  • BUG FIX:  Changing tabs while in Reporting no longer causing issues.
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