RGP Update - New Features Released - March, 2018

New features are ready to install in the latest update to RGP.

To get the update, launch Data Entry → Manage → About → Update


New Main Features

1) Flexible Customer Attributes

With additional and flexible Customer Attributes, you can now capture ALL information that has been completed on an RGP or Smartwaiver document and attach it to the Customer Record - including standard and any custom field you add to the document.

This feature also allows staff members to quickly review all of these attributes without opening the PDF.

Learn more about Customer Attributes


2) Auto Class Check-In

If you hold classes at your facility, you know how often customers can arrive minutes, seconds before - even after a class has started. Getting them checked in as quickly as possible is important to minimizing the disruption to that class. With Auto Class Check-In enabled, if a customer is booked for an event/class and arrive to your facility near the start time, they can be checked in to that event automatically when your staff uses the Check-In module.

This new feature is defaulted to ENABLED. You can disable and/or modify the time range by going to: Calendar -> Manage Schedule -> Calendar Settings




3) Retail Improvements, Including:

  • GridEditing
    You can now change the min/max/reorder-qty and active state of products in grid format from Manage Products.


    NOTE:  All subitems are now shown in the bottom list, even if inactive.  Previously only active products were shown unless the “show inactive products” checkbox was checked.  The checkbox still applies to the upper product list, but the subitem list always shows inactive items.  This change was made to reduce the likelihood of duplicate size/colors being added to a product.

    Multigym facilities will see an additional button that managers use to edit these attributes on group or inventory single products across all facilities.



  • Extended and Customizable Product Filter for Reporting
    Standard product based reports now allow an extended filter to be used.   

    Filter options include:
    - Multiple revenue accounts
    - Multiple vendors
    - Custom filters that can be saved and reused later including attributes such as
        Specific product list
        Revenue accounts
        Substring search
        Advanced SQL


    - Any existing custom report will need to be modified in order to utilize the new Extended Product Filters.  A new tag has been added labeled {EXTENDED_FILTER] for integrating Extended Product Filters in custom reports.

More Improvements

  • Online Event Display - Availability Display Option
    Hide display of available participant counts until a threshold of available spaces is reached. Encourage early bookings with a new option for offerings that allows you to hide the display of available participants online until a threshold is reached.



  • New Employees Search/Filter Box
    Under Manage --> Employees, you’ll see a new Search/filter box



  • Show or Hide Check-In Count
    Under Manage --> Settings --> Customers, there's a new option to show or hide the check-in count total on the Check-In screen.



  • Print/Export Change History Button
    You can now print or export Booking Change History.



  • Copy to Clipboard Button
    A new Copy to Clipboard button has been added. Now any report can be copied to your clipboard, including as a raw CSV file, which you can then easily paste into spreadsheet software like Excel or Google Sheets.



  • Vendor Column
    You’ll notice a new Vendor Column added to the Sales Summary Grid.
    (Note: Before this release, the Vendor Name was included in the product description).



  • Employees Column in New/Changed Membership Report
    We’ve added an Employee column to the New/Changed Membership Report. This report shows all employees who were involved with the indicated transactions. Multiple employees can be listed on a single transaction.



  • Product Merge and Purge Tool
    We’ve added a new Product Merge and Purge tool that allows you to move the sales history of an existing product over to another product and then purge that original product.

    Go to:  Data Entry -> Manage -> Maintenance -> Merge/Purge Products.   

    The example below shows how a manager would merge the sales history of a ‘Day Pass Adult’ product into the ‘Day Pass Child’ product.



 Even More Changes:

  • Audit Log:  Moving of invoices is now logged in the Audit Log
  • “{wheretag}” now supported in Custom Reports
  • Filters can now be applied to Product Exports
  • Multigym environments can now export a complete list of products across all gyms from one location



Bug Fixes

  • Partial payments - OpenEdge had a bug in their documentation that resulted in Partial Payments being accepted by the gateway.   Fixed
  • Check-in detail field in database truncated long messages. Fixed
  • POS allowed items to be edited by double-clicking on them, even if the items should not be editable.  Fixed.
  • When a cancellation email was sent for a cancelled event in the past, the wrong email address could appear.  Fixed.


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