Check Out Feature

The Check Out feature gives you the ability to know who is in your facility at a given day/time.

To use Check Out, open up the Check-In module and click on the Check Out button (or hit the F10 key for a shortcut).



You will see a summary of the number of customers currently in your facility. You will also see a grid of those customers.

To check out a customer, you can either click on their name and select the check out box or simply right mouse click their name.

If you mistakenly checked-out a customer you can right-click again to reverse the action.



Check Out is enabled by default in the Check-In module. If you want to turn off Check Out, click on the Check-In Configuration (blue button) on the top, right corner of the screen, and select Settings (Admin PIN required).



Check Out window

From the Check Out window you have the option of enabling Unattended Check Out Mode which will enable customers to check out on their own with their barcode/keytag. For unattended mode you will need a dedicated workstation and barcode scanner.
The customer grid on this window will automatically refresh every 30 seconds provided there has been a new check in.

Note: If a barcode is scanned and the grid hasn't refreshed yet, a checked in customer will still be properly checked out.

You can look up customers by barcode or last name and then check them out by clicking the box next to their name. You also have the option of editing a check out time by clicking on the Edit Checkout Time button on the right of the screen.





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