Check-ins and Check-outs

To create a more integrated experience between automated check-in kiosks and automated check-out kiosks, the two modes use identical user interfaces.

A new kiosk mode has also been added that allows one kiosk to handle both check-ins AND check-outs.

To Set it up:

From the Check-In module, click on the Check-In Configuration button and select Settings.

You will see a new setting called Operating Mode Options that enables you to select the mode your kiosk uses when in public mode.

This setting is disabled by default. To choose a setting be sure to first place a check-mark next to Check-out feature enabled.


Check-In Mode
Processes check-ins only (no change from current functionality)

Check-Out Mode
Processes check-outs only. Customer details are shown with the same notices/statuses as when they check in. When a customer’s barcode is scanned, the word (Out) will be shown after the status text.


Check-In and Out mode
Processes check-ins AND check-outs from the same kiosk. When a customer’s barcode is scanned, RGP will check them in.

The next time the customer scans their barcode, RGP will check them out.

Scanning their barcode again will check them back in.

To prevent double-swiping issues, RGP will not accept a new scan from the same customer for at least 30 seconds after checking them in or out.

To know which mode your kiosk is in, the blue tab at the top of the screen will show text indicating your current public mode.


Converting an Old Check-Out Kiosk to the New Mode
The old option to make RGP function as an automated check-out kiosk no longer exists. Once RGP is updated with the latest version of the software, starting the old check-out mode will result in the check-in screen opening in manual mode.

To set up your workstation as a check-out kiosk again:

  • From the Check-In module, click on the Check-In Configuration button and select Settings
  • Choose the mode you want to use (check-outs, or check ins and outs)
  • Click OK
  • Click on the Check-In Configuration button again and select Public Mode Toggle

RGP will now start and function in an automated check-out mode using the original check-in screen.


* Note: The existing manual check-out feature released on May 7, 2020 has not changed.

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