Online Check-In Kiosk - Overview

Note: This feature is currently limited to RGP Cloud users.

RGP has developed an Online Check-In Kiosk, allowing facilities to utilize a wide range of web-enabled devices for members and punch card holders to check themselves in upon entering the facility. This article will cover everything you need to know, including:

  • What is the Online Check-In Kiosk?
  • Can my facility use the Online Check-In Kiosk?
  • What equipment is necessary?
  • How do I get started?


What is the Online Check-In Kiosk?

The Online Check-In Kiosk is a system that enables customers at your facility to self-scan barcodes on physical membership cards or the RGPro Connect Mobile App to check in. It displays critical information about customers as they check in, such as photos, membership status, punch card balance, alerts, warnings, notes, and more.

What are the advantages of using the Online Check-In Kiosk?

RGP customers can already create a self-check-in station for members and punch card holders using RGP's Check-In module. However, the Check-In module requires a full installation of RGP to function. This means that RGP Cloud users must utilize one of their limited paid Seats to operate a self-check-in station. It also necessitates using a computer running Microsoft Windows capable of running the RGP Cloud Client. The Online Check-In Kiosk is a web-app that can run on nearly any web-capable device that can connect to a barcode scanner. This should reduce hardware costs for facilities by eliminating the need to purchase a dedicated Windows computer and add value to RGP's Cloud Paid Plans by allowing you to accomplish the same tasks with fewer paid Seats.

How is the Online Check-In Kiosk different from RGP's Check-In module?

The Online Check-In Kiosk is not meant to replace RGP's Check-In module, but these two tools overlap significantly. The Online Check-In Kiosk is intended as an alternative to the Check-In module specifically for customer self-check-in operations. It allows your facility to operate a kiosk enabling members to scan barcoded physical cards or the RGPro Connect Mobile App to check in. It communicates to the customer and/or staff members whether they are ready to climb or have an issue requiring attention, such as a missing waiver or an overdue balance. If the Online Check-In Kiosk indicates an issue, staff will need to direct the customer to a front desk workstation to resolve it.


Can my facility use the Online Check-In Kiosk?

RGP's Online Check-In Kiosk is available for customers using any of our Cloud Paid Plans. Unfortunately, technical limitations prevent us from offering the Online Check-In Kiosk to users on our Locally installed plans.


What equipment is necessary?

  • A web-capable device (e.g., computer or tablet)

    The Online Check-In Kiosk requires a web-capable device running a modern internet browser (we recommend Chrome). This can be a computer running any major operating system (Windows, MacOS, Linux) or a tablet. While many different types of hardware are compatible, we have tested and designed for Apple iPads and desktop computers using Windows and MacOS. If you're purchasing new hardware, we recommend these options. The chosen device must connect to a keyboard-emulating barcode scanner.

  • A barcode scanner

    The barcode scanner must support "keyboard emulation" and connect to the web-enabled device intended for use as a kiosk. For facilities using computers as kiosks, we recommend a scanner that connects via USB. For facilities using tablets, alternative methods such as Bluetooth may be necessary.


How do I get started?

Please refer to our follow-up article, "Online Check-In Kiosk - Setup," to begin the setup process.

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