Overview of online gift card settings

The Calendar system in Rock Gym Pro can be used to offer online gift cards which can be used for day passes, memberships, retail, camps or any of your services. The gift card is ordered and paid for online. It is then emailed to the recipient to be redeemed at the gym.

To provide online gift cards you must be on the Premium paid plan, which includes the Calendar online booking system. You will also need a Stripe account to process credit cards online.

To access the gift card settings, click the Manage Schedule button on the main calendar window. On the Manage Schedule window click the Gift Cards button at the bottom to bring up the Online Gift Card Settings window. The following is an overview of your options for setting up the online gift card system.

Purchase web form
Here you’ll be able control the content of your web form widget, including gift card amount options.

Online gift card email settings
This is where you will set up the specific content for the online gift card confirmation emails.

Preview form
This tab will let you preview what your online form will look like when it gets published, allowing you to tweak as necessary.

Preview gift card email
Similarly, here you can preview what your gift card email will look like without having to send out test emails.

Gift card widget
Here you can create the code you need to embed the gift card widget onto your website.




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