Sending an email to someone on the wait list

If a slot opens up for an event you’ll want to send an email to people on the waiting list to let them know. Here’s how to send an email through Rock Gym Pro to someone already on the waiting list.

  1. From the main calendar window, double click on the specific event to bring up the Manage Event window.
  2. Click on the Wait List tab.
  3. This window will show you everyone that is on the wait list. If you wish to email just one customer, select their name and click the Email button. If you wish to email everyone on the wait list, click the Send Email To All On Wait List button.
  4. You can now edit the subject line and message content of the email. Email addresses will automatically be added from the customer profile; you can also add additional email addresses if you need to.
  5. You can preview the email in the Preview tab. If everything looks right then click Send.
  6. Once the email is sent it will appear in the Email Event History window.
  7. Click Close to exit the Manage Event window.



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