Restoring/Moving your RGP database to a new server

Please read through the below steps first before installing any software.

If you are attempting to restore an offsite backup onto a new server go directly to STEP 2. If you are a multigym facility or a single facility with many workstations, it is HIGHLY recommended to use the SAME Static IP address on the new server, so all the local workstations, and the remote server, know where to find the server. Otherwise, all local workstations will have to be reconfigured to find the new IP address on the server. Multigym facilities will have to edit the IP Address in the Remote Database Control Panel.

If you are on an RGP Paid Plan, then you will need to make sure you have saved and can access, your RGP Plan Activation Key and Online Group Key. If you do not have this information saved, then please contact, and we will send you the information. You will need your Plan Activation Key to access your Offsite Backup Archive for a database restore.


You will also need your MySQL Password and Encryption Key, which were created by someone at YOUR facility. If you do not have access to this information, again, please contact and we will send you the information.

Things You Need Before Proceeding:

  • Encryption Key
  • MySQL Password
  • RGP Plan Activation Key
  • RGP Online Group Key
  • Static IP Address:________________
  • Database (db) name (see below):___________________
  • VPN Installed and tested on new server (Multigyms only)


STEP 1 - Make an offsite backup of your existing server’s RGP database

If you are moving your database to a new server:

  • Make a current backup on your “old” server and send it offsite to RGP.  You can make a backup by going to Data Entry -> Manage -> Maintenance -> Backup and Restore Database and press Execute Backup Now.  Be sure it transfers offsite.
  • Confirm the backup transferred via Data Entry -> Manage -> Maintenance -> Backup and Restore Database -> Offsite Archive tab.
  • Then change the old server to be a different IP address.
  • AND on the Old server you will want to also:
  1. Launch Rock Gym Pro's Data Entry and go into Manage -> Settings and REMOVE the Plan Activation Key and Online Group Key.
  2. In Control Panel, Stop the MySQL service on the old server and disable the MySQL Service from starting on boot. This will prevent someone from turning on the server in the future and having it go live.
  3. Then power down that server.
  •  On the new server, assign the SAME IP ADDRESS as the old server.  Then you would not need to reconfigure your RGP workstation via the RGP Configuration Wizard to connect to your server. And for multigyms, you will not have to edit any of the connections over your VPN to the other locations. It is almost "mandatory". 


STEP 2 - Install RGP, MySQL ODBC Driver, and MySQL Server 5.0 on your new server

Download RGP and install MySQL ODBC driver and MySQL Server 5.0 on the new server computer.  
Here is the direct RGP software download link: RGP-Direct software download URL



You may need to install .NET on your new computer if so follow these instructions.

When installing and configuring MySQL Server, you must use the same MySQL Root password you created on your ORIGINAL installation of RGP on your “old server”.

When going through the MySQL Configuration Wizard, please be sure to enable the options to allow MySQL through the firewall and Enable Root Access from Remote Machines. 

Details on installing MySQL is available in this video.  Please watch the video as it shows the specific MySQL settings that need to be configured.   

STEP 3 - Create a new, blank RGP database on your new server and run the MySQL Configuration Utility tool

[Here is the video tutorial for Moving your RGP database to a new computer- NOT via the RGP Archive offsite backup tab -non-support customers without an offsite backup.]

Create a new, blank database on your new server, as if you are starting RGP from scratch, but use the same database name for your new database restore (more information below).

You can find your database name (on your “old”/current server) via the Backup and Restore Window in Data Entry -> Manage -> Maintenance OR via RGP Configuration Wizard on any of your workstations, click the Next button until you get to this window:




Then click Cancel after obtaining the name of your database.  

After you have obtained this information, now it’s time to configure your new server:

Regardless of your facility name, at this step please enter in the Database name:



Enter in your MySQL root password and Encryption Key, these keys need to be the same keys you created, and used, on your previous server/database. If you did not write these down when you created them, then please contact RGP at

After you've created the database, run the MySQL Configuration Utility tool as outlined in this support article: Running the MySQL Configuration Utility

STEP 4 - Restore your backup


  1. After you have installed RGP, MySQL ODBC driver/connector and MySQL Server 5.0 from within RGP, then….
  2. Go to Data Entry -> Manage -> Settings and enter in your RGP Plan Activation Key ONLY- DO NOT ENTER THE ONLINE GROUP KEY.  If you did not save your RGP Plan Activation Key and/or Online Group Key, please contact to obtain this information. Your Plan Activation Key is needed to access your offsite archive backups stored via RGP.

DO NOT ENTER THE ONLINE GROUP KEY, as you will NEED TO RE-ENTER your RGP Plan Activation Key after your data has been restored, and at this time, after your restore, you will enter the Online Group Key.

  1. Then go to Data Entry->Manage-> Maintenance -> Backup and Restore Database- Click the OFFSITE ARCHIVE Tab and select the most recent backup from the Offsite Archive list and press RESTORE

After you have restored the Offsite Archive, close the Backup and Restore window. RGP will “ask” you to confirm you have performed the following steps after your have restored your database:



Next, verify your workstations are connecting back to your NEW server. Go to a workstation and open Data Entry, if you connect to the new server, then you do NOT need to point your workstations to the new server. But you will need to look at Step #5.

**You are now ready to point all your RGP workstations to the new server via the Rock Gym Pro Configuration Wizard.  On your workstations: Search for: Rock Gym Pro->Configure-Rock Gym Pro and configure your workstation to connect back to your new server.

C drive: Program Files (x86): Rock Gym Pro



Step 5 - Stop and Uninstall MySQL on your old server.  IMPORTANT!

It is critical that MySQL is stopped and uninstalled on your old server.  This will prevent workstations from accidentally connecting to this database and causing grief.  Additionally, if Rock Gym Pro is launched on the old server it will download waivers and online transactions and cause all sorts of grief.

On your old server go to the Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Services.  

Locate MySQL and select Stop the service.



Next, after stopping the Service, you can uninstall MySQL using the steps below:

  1. Control Panel -> Programs and Features -> Locate MySQL Server 5.0- Right-click and select uninstall. After MySQL Server has finished uninstalling go to….
  2. C drive:  Program Files (x86) -> MySQL -> MySQL Server 5.0 Folder

Right-click on the MySQL Server 5.0 Folder and select Delete. You may need Administrative privileges to delete the folder.



  1. Now that the computer has been cleaned of MySQL, you can use the RGP configuration wizard to configure your “old server” as a new RGP workstation.

If you do not follow these steps- Exactly- then MySQL will NOT be uninstalled and will give you grief IF you use your “old” server as an RGP workstation in your facility.


If are using the digital waiver system, then you will also need to:

  1. You must have Internet Explorer 10 or later
  2. The time and timezone on all of your computers must be correct – preferably synced with Internet time (that’s a Windows option)
  3. All computers running RGP must have access to the following internet locations.  If you have any type of internet block/filter in place, please modify the list to allow access to these URLs.


Setting up the backup to send off-site also needs to be reconfigured:

Two-step process- Local backup in RGP then setting up the Windows Task Scheduler to send offsite:

RGP - Setting up the local backup in RGP
RGP - Windows Task Scheduler to send offsite to RGP's servers

And make sure you have reenabled/enabled Replication:

Data Entry -> Manage -> Maintenance -> Database Replication. Not only will replication help to ensure database restore, but will enable you to use the RGP-Web/Mobile dashboard feature. Follow the link below to find more details on the RGP Mobile Dashboard. 

RGP - Activating the web dashboard

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