RGP Cloud - Coming Mid 2018

We’re super excited to announce that Rock Gym Pro is planning to support a remotely hosted alternate version of the software called, RGP Cloud. With RGP Cloud you will no longer need a physical server to run Rock Gym Pro! Your database and RGP information will be securely hosted remotely on a server that we maintain. The only thing you’ll need to access RGP Cloud is an internet connection and a lightweight computer or tablet.

Some of the Benefits of RGP Cloud:

  • Existing users will no longer need to maintain a physical server.
  • Multigym managers will be able to easily administer databases at different locations.
  • All RGP features and data can be accessed from any device, including tablets and Macs.
  • You’ll never need to worry about backups again. We’ll take care of all the backups.

It’s important to note that RGP Cloud will not be a new web version of the software but rather a new way in which to access the current software and data. The user interface of RGP Cloud will look identical to the current RGP interface.

Also important to note: the current installed version will not be going away, so you’ll have a choice of which version to use - either the installed version OR the internet dependent RGP Cloud version. Both cannot be run simultaneously however, so if a facility is using the RGP Cloud version and the internet goes down, the installed version will not act as a backup. Each facility will need to choose which product is right for their business.

We’re still in the process of working out some of the release details but we plan on making RGP Cloud available in mid 2018.

We’ll keep you posted!


In the meantime, below are few answers to commonly asked questions that we have right now:


RGP Cloud FAQs


Q: Will there be a cost associated with this service?

A: Yes, there will be a fee charged to use RGP Cloud. The price will be based on the number of seats required. At this time, we have not determined an exact price.


Q: Will there be a limit to how many users can access RGP Cloud at one time? 

A: No.


Q: Will multigym managers be able to have multiple locations open on the same workstation?

A: Yes!


Q: Will you be able to restrict which locations are open on specific workstations?

A: Yes. All purchased seats will have their own login, so you’ll be able to apply whatever restrictions you’d like.


Q: For the technically inquisitive, how does RGP Cloud work? 

A: RGP Cloud is a “thin client” that is wrapping Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP). The thin client adds functionality that is not possible using RDP alone (e.g.; webcam, file transfers, etc.). For this reason you’ll want your primary front desk workstations to be running the Windows thin client. 


Q: Will there be a way to access the databases directly?

A: Yes. provisions will be in place for direct database access.








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