Online Membership Sales: Overview, Tips, and Strategies

If you are on a Premium Paid Plan, you have the ability to sell memberships and punch cards online and at your Waiver Kiosk stations at your facility. 

Below are a few tips and strategies to help you set up your Membership Offerings as well as links to examples of different ways to display your Offerings.


Online Membership Sales System Overview and Set Up
Step-by-step instructions on how to display your Membership Offerings on your website. Instructions include a short video tutorial on how to set up the Membership Matrix pricing

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Multiple Membership Options for Purchase on Your Website and Kiosk
Depending on how your memberships are configured, you could showcase multiple Offerings for different styles of memberships. E.g.; "Individual Autopay", "Couple's Autopay", and "Family Autopay". Again, depending on your configuration, you also have the ability to combine these Offerings into a single "Autopay" Offering and then bundle your memberships into a single online widget.

See an Example of Website Display

See an Example of Kiosk Display


Membership Sales on a Kiosk

Step-by-step instructions on how to display a single Offering on your Kiosk at your facility

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Day/Punch Pass for Purchase on a Kiosk

Step-by-step instructions on how to set up and display a simple priced Offering, like a day or punch pass, on your Kiosk

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Online Membership Sales FAQ
Frequently asked questions about the Online Membership Sales System

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