RGP Update - September, 10 2020

If you're using a locally installed version of RGP, a new update is ready to install:

To get the update, launch Data Entry → Manage → About → Check For Updates

If you’re using RGP Cloud, you do not need to install a new version of the software to use the updated features listed below. You already have them! (Learn more about using RGP in the Cloud).

New Feature

New Public Modes for Check-in and Check-out 

The new modes for Public Check-in/Check-out creates a more integrated experience between automated check-in kiosks and automated check-out kiosks. In short, the two modes now have an identical user interface along with an added kiosk mode that allows one kiosk to handle both check-ins AND check-outs.

Once RGP is updated, computers that were previously configured to start in automated check-out mode will open the check-in screen in manual mode instead.

To use the NEW automated check-out kiosk mode, please check out the Support Page.




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