v1.1.133986 - Released to: RGP Cloud Week of 01/03/23 | Local Users on 01/11/23

Update: 01/04/23 - Released in stages to all RGP Cloud Users.
01/11/23 - Released to all Local Users 


Added "Punches Used" to Charting Reports
From Data Entry > Reporting > Charting and Data Visualization > Visits/Check-in folder
Added an option to display punch-card activity with the same functionality as Member Guest Passes under the same Visits/Check-in Folder of Charting and Data.




Added Total to "Punches Remaining" Report
From Data Entry > Reporting > General Report > Customers 




Added Session Notes
When Calendar Events have multiple sessions, there was previously no way to display a note for a single session. A tab has now been added that will display Notes only for a particular session in a multi-part Calendar Event.

Example: The note in the screenshot below will only display under this tab for the Nov 1st session of this two-part Calendar Offering. The new fields will not be shown unless the event has multiple sessions.




Added Session Subtitles
An Event subtitle field will now display for all sessions in a multi-part calendar event. This adds the ability for a Session Subtitle that would only display for a single session.




Stripe Refunds Report Added 
New report shows all Stripe refunds by source (Billing, POS, Online) in a specific date range.



Group Name Added to the Audit Log When Removing or Adding Participants
From Data Entry > View > Youth Program Group you can add or remove participants from any of the groups found on the left. The Audit Log will show the action ypg_change. The details column in the Audit log will now include the name of the customer and the Group.


More Enhancements

  • Added Barcode to Products in Zapier integration
  • Can now drag columns on Participant Grid in a Calendar Booking View
  • Stripe Terminal performance enhancements
  • Added ability to store ACH bank information in RGP/Stripe Custom to be used for monthly billing
  • Added functionality for Stripe ACH feature to replicate staff billing information with ACH Bank account


Misc. Fixes

  • Some UK customers having problems with iCal feeds – Fixed

  • Stripe Payout Batch date format issue in the UK - Fixed

  • Microsoft Edge update conflicting with Stripe terminals – Fixed

  • Some Stripe payments being displayed multiple times in Reconciliation by Payment Report- Fixed

  • Staff with Stripe POS Refund permission unable to perform refunds from POS History – Fixed

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