v1.1.134260 - Released to All Users 01/29/24


  • Split credit card surcharges on monthly membership dues into a dedicated surcharge product in order to make it easier to keep surcharge revenue distinct from membership revenue
  • Added an automated prompt to collect outstanding balances when terminating ACH members billed via our Stripe Custom integration, equivalent to the prompt that already existed when terminating credit card members.
  • Changed revenue charts in Charting and Data Visualization to report full decimal precision instead of rounding to integers
  • Added Customer GUID to the Customer Activity Analysis "Summary Report" in order to make it easier to track customer actions across multi-facility businesses
  • Added a database index to improve performance of calendar actions that require internal queries of booking status

Misc. Fixes

  • Fixed a bug the prevented calendar users from adding a new instructor to a single session of a multi-session event
  • Updated language describing "alert on missing photos" feature to indicate that it applies to both Members and Punch Card users
  • Added automated error handling to make version mismatches less likely during software updates at multi-facility businesses
  • Fixed a bug that prevented collection of payment in rare cases when customers immediately retried a failed credit card transaction at POS
  • Fixed a bug where some payments using cobranded Interac cards (e.g. Visa/Interac) created mismatched z-outs or journal entries
  • Fixed a bug that disabled some online offerings until the gym clicked "Publish All" in the calendar at some facilities
  • Fixed a bug that caused some customers to be unbillable if ACH account information was added to their record and then removed before the account validation process could complete
  • Fixed a bug that caused a healthy monthly billing process to appear to have aborted when checked by a user other than the one who had initiated the process
  • Fixed a bug preventing manual entry of credit card numbers at POS for some OpenEdge users
  • Fixed various typos
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