v1.1.34385 - Released to All Users on 7/2/24

What's in this release?

Significant Changes

  • We've added a "Participants" tab to the existing "Booking List" in the top left of RGP's Calendar. You can use this tab to view participants across many events at once. We hope this will make it easy for facilities to do things like view all participants in upcoming summer camps, even if those summer camps have multiple sessions.
  • Partial refunds are now available for facilities processing payments via Stripe Custom but not using Stripe Terminal. This allows facilities to issue partial refunds for transactions that were processed via Stripe Custom, without requiring them to refund the entire transaction amount. Customers using Stripe Terminal have already had access to partial payments for some time and will see no changes.
  • Added a new Customer Query Condition for “Customer Attribute Added”. This makes it possible to perform customer queries based on changes to RGP's "Named Customer Attributes" system.
  • Multi-Gym Grid Reports can now be scheduled to run and email automatically, just like standard reports.
  • Added the ability to search by “Last Name - Space - First Name” when searching the online document queue available from “find documents”. This should make the search behavior for “find documents” more consistent with the search behavior for the rest of Data Entry.
  • Added warning checks when marking products as inactive. It was previously possible to make a product inactive, even if that product was being used somewhere else in the software. RGP now warns if you try to inactivate a product that is being used in one of the following ways:
    • Attached to a customer profile as an “add-on” product
    • Attached to a custom question in a calendar offering
    • Attached to a package product
  • RGP now checks all facilities for duplicates when updating customer barcode. Previously, RGP only looked in the database where the change was being made, which made it possible to overlap a barcode assigned to a customer in a remote database.

Misc. Updates and Fixes

  • Changed how a staff member's customer records synchronize across locations in a multi-gym. Previously, all customer records for a given staff member were prompted to update if that staff record was manually opened and edited, but not if that staff record was updated via an electronic document assignment. Electronic document assignments now trigger staff record synchronization as well.
  • Updated the "Card Surcharge" function to standardize behavior between facilities who note the surcharge as a separate line item and facilities who do not. If membership dues are taxable in your database, the card surcharge will be treated as a part of the taxable total for gyms who split the surcharge out as a separate line item and for gyms who do not. This only affects facilities who have opted to add a card surcharge in their billing settings.
  • Added "homeLocationTag" to the Zapier Customer object in our Zapier integration. This makes it possible to capture where a customer is a member when executing actions via Zapier.
  • Added indexes to several database tables used in computationally heavy actions in order to improve overall performance.
  • Fixed an error that prevented users from merging certain duplicate customer records for customers with stored ACH information.
  • Fixed a bug that interrupted billing for some facilities that had not specified a product for some billing surcharge options.
  • Fixed a bug that failed to generate an alert for customers who had unbillable ACH account information on file after migrating payment processors.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented some "invoice account" transactions generated at POS from showing up in the POS History for that register.
  • Stopped synching staff membership payment type field across all locations in a multi-gym. Previously, changes to staff payment type were synched across all locations. This prevented gyms from charging staff monthly fees via Billing at specific locations. This came up a lot for young staff members who were also members of programs like a competitive team.
  • Hid “cancel” button while processing manual OpenEdge payment at POS. It was previously possible to create problems by clicking “cancel” immediately after starting the transaction. This change hides the cancel button until that risk has ended.

Customer Quick Configure

We've been working on a new "Customer Quick Configure" tool for a while now, and it's almost ready. The goal of this tool is to make it faster, easier, and less error prone to handle standard customer configuration work flows, like configuring a new member. We're not quite ready for the official release announcement of this new feature, but a "sneak peak" version is included in this version of RGP. You can take a look by navigating to Data Entry > Manage > Customer Quick Configure, or keep an eye on your inbox for the official release. We'll publish instructions and documentation along with official release.

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