Creating a late fee product

To charge a late fee you must first create a late fee product and then assign it in the settings.

  1. In the Data Entry window click Manage and select Products to open the Manage Products window.
  2. Click Add Product.
  3. In the Edit Product window, enter the following information:
  • Product type: select Member
  • Product name: Late Fee
  • Retail price: Enter your late fee amount
  • Display category: Membership
  • Click OK to save and Close to exit the Manage Products window.
  • Next we need to assign it as a late fee in the settings. In the Data Entry window click Manage and select Settings to open the Configure Settings window.
  • Select the Payment & Billing tab. Under Late Fees click the Select button.

    1. Find the Late Fee product and click the Add button.
    2. The late fee will now be assigned in the settings. Click Close to finish.



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