Posting dues

To bill your monthly recurring members, you must first post dues from the Billing Center window. You cannot bill members prior to your billing date.

  1. Before posting your dues, you want to make sure there are NO members with any Warnings.
  2. Data Entry->View->Customer Lists: With Warnings. RGP will list all members with warnings, along with the Warning. Once you have taken card of the warnings, you are ready to process billing.
  3. In the Data Entry main window click Manage and select Billing to open Billing Center window.
  4. Click the Balance Due tab.
  5. Click the Post Dues button.
  6. Select your billing date. This will find anyone with dues on or before this date. Click the Preview button to display the customers.
  7. Click the Post These Invoices button. On the pop up window click yes.
  8. The invoices will now be posted to the Balance Due tab and the next billing date will be moved forward according to your billing cycle.
  9. Click Close to finish.



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