Overview of the Calendar Window

Video tutorials for the Calendar are in the Online Booking and Calendar section of our Video Tutorials Overview page. 


The Calendar window is the main screen of the Calendar. It’s the place your staff will manage bookings and review the day’s schedule. It’s also your gateway to tweaking settings, adding new offerings and getting reports. Here is an overview of everything you see on the main Calendar window.

Let’s start with the buttons at the top of the screen:


  • New Booking: This button allows your staff to add a booking they’ve received over the phone or at the desk.
  • Custom Event: This button allows you to easily place something new on the calendar that doesn’t already exist as an event, like a new offer or one-time class.
  • Booking List: This button provides a list of your bookings, sortable by date or offering type.
  • Online Transactions: This button allows you to review your recent online bookings.
  • Reports/Grids: This button lets your run top-level booking reports to see how many transactions, participants and dollars you’ve booked.
    Manage Schedule: This button leads to the Calendar administration portal where you will be building your schedule and creating events. Think of it as the place where the magic happens.

Offering list

Along the left side of the screen you will see the offering list. This is where you will see a list of all of your offerings, events and calendar feeds, organized however you like. You can use these to easily add new events to the calendar or to show only certain event types on your calendar, such as all birthday parties or just one certain class throughout the month. The offering list also includes these options:

  • Show Events: This drop-down box lets you filter your calendar view for any offering you have selected:
     - All Events + Feeds: Shows everything in the selected offering
     - Available: Shows only the available slots for a selected offering
     - Booked: Shows only booked slots for a selected offering
     - Instructors Required: Show slots where you have set a minimum number of instructors in the event rules but haven’t assigned them yet. These slots will also show up as red in the calendar.
  • Display cancelled events: Shows events that have been cancelled
  • Show full schedule for offerings: While usually you only want to see booked events, this option allows you to see all the slots available for a particular offering. For example, say you only want to host birthday parties from 1-4pm on weekends. After creating a birthday party event with that rule you can then use this option to show all your birthday party slots, both booked and available times. This can be handy for quickly providing a customer with options for available space.
  • Show hidden/inactive items: This displays categories or offerings you don’t want to show, like archived events you are keeping for reference.
  • Show checkboxes in offering list: This allows you to display checkboxes for each offering in the list, allowing you to display multiple offerings on the calendar.
    Collapse All/Expand All: This button allows you to collapse or expand your offering list.
  • Update Feeds: This button updates all your iCal feeds.
    Configure Default View: This button allows you to set up the default view just the way you like it.

At the top of the offering list there are three different options for displaying views:

  • Offering & Feeds: This view shows all your classes and events. This is the default view.
    Instructor View: This view shows the calendar for a selected instructor or staff member.
  • Resource View: This view shows the calendar for a resource like a fitness room or event space.

Calendar display

Finally, in the center of the screen you will see the calendar display. Along the top of the calendar you’ll see a row of buttons that allow you to change the view of the calendar:

  • Refresh: Manually update your calendar
  • Time: Change to minute or hourly increments in the day, week or timeline view.
  • Day View: Display one day at a time
  • Week View: Display one week at a time
  • Month View: Display one month at a time
  • Timeline View: Display the calendar for a staff member or resource
  • Today/This Week/This Month: Displays the current day, week or month, depending on the selected view
  • Hide Event Times: Hides event times on an event in the calendar display
  • Hide Month List: Hides the three-month list on the left side of main calendar view
  • Full Width: Expands the calendar view across the whole screen






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